The Moo Crew

My Story


Hello! My name is Jeremiah (3rd from the left) and a dream of mine has always been to open a business of my own. Evansville is home to great donut shops, but something has been missing, especially on the Northside of our town. There are no warm, fresh, made-to-order donuts or gourmet coffee. With the help of my family and friends, my goal is to fill this void with The Milk Barn becoming a part of the community. I am starting out small with a vision that one day in the near future The Milk Barn will be a free-standing brick and mortar establishment. 


I view this new adventure as “Community in a Cup.”  Without the support of the community, The Milk Barn would have only stayed a dream. Thank you Walid and Angela Fehme so very much for mentoring and supporting me as I embark on my path as a local business owner.

A huge shout out to Charlie Wolfinger who has been instrumental in supporting my vision and assisting me in navigating the business side of opening The Milk Barn.

Thank you to Ameriqual for giving me a work-friendly environment for the past year and a half that allowed me to learn multiple skill sets and the opportunity to make a good wage. 


Thank you to my parents, brother, and sister for helping me by working long hours, filling orders, and providing creative ideas to develop the business.  Again, I could not have done any of this without you. 

I want every visit you make to The Milk Barn to be an enjoyable experience. It is my desire to make delicious Firecakes and Drips for a community that my family has been a part of for over 85 years.

Please come visit me and the rest of the Moo Crew at The Milk Barn.